My story

“Creating is a way of life for me, a state of mind, a vision.”


My name is Flavie Loup and I'm an artist/designer from Quebec (Canada). I founded my company in 2014 and I now offer dolls and plushies, clothing, jewelry and accessories. My creations are inspired by the magic of the invisible, fantasy and nature. If you enjoy fashion and also have an interest in decorative arts and crafts, visit my store and I'm sure you'll find something you like!


Being a hypersensitive person, everything seems to me to be too intense and too beautiful at the same time! I am fascinated by nature and curious to discover it more and more. Animals, plants, insects, stones, stars, everything is so stunningly beautiful!

I like walking in the forest where I can go and lose myself in my dreams and recharge my batteries. It helps me to connect with my own essence and my original energy. It is this well-being that inspires me to believe in the invisible and in magic!


Creating is a real passion for me, a vocation, a reason for living. I express myself through matter to reach people and to connect with their hearts.

Since childhood, I have learned to develop my manual skills and to broaden my interests in different forms of artistic expression. This is how I progressed through a schooling based on visual arts (Arts Concentration Program in high school, college and university degree in Visual and Media Arts).

I practice several disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, photography, video, sewing, etc. Juggling with these different artistic techniques helps me progress and innovate with each new project. This allows me to further develop my designs and the message I want to express.

I started selling my art when I was a child, because already at that time I had the dream of making a living from my craft. Then it was at the age of 17 that I started selling in local shops. Finally, it was in 2014, at the end of my 20s, that I officially founded my company Flavie Loup.


I am interested in knowing what uplifts people and fires their spark of life. I am sensitive to justice, freedom, self-expression, and the values of love and community spirit. I believe that human existence as well as that of all forms of life in this world should be respected and viewed with kindness.

I wish to help people heal their wounds, protect themselves from negativity, and empower themselves in their authenticity.


I am so grateful for having the privilege to create every day as a career, and it’s all thanks to you!

In my eyes, my creations all have a personality and I am moved to see them leave the studio to explore the world like little adventurers! Thanks to you, they come to life! Thank you for choosing them, for cherishing them, and for making them live great stories!

The Flavie Loup community is growing and I am delighted to have people like you who support me and share my vocation. Every day, I work towards developing my project to highlight the magic that surrounds us. Thank you for being a part of this dream!

“You have the power to dream, to love yourself, look around how beautiful it is, enjoy life your way and be free!”

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